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THE TEACHING OF SELF KNOWLEDGE is given to facilitate an experential shift in Identity. As your Identity changes, your experience changes because your experience is projected from your core belief in what you are. Hence the importance of Self Knowledge, and its strong emphasis in the various spiritual teachings.


You can begin to know, feel and experience yourself as the Absolute, Unconditional Love of the One. I am the Love of the One. This is the purpose for your life; you can take that to the bank. This is the fulfillment of our purpose for being.


Every morning as you wake up, and every evening as you drift off into sleep you can remember your purpose. Today I will learn to accept myself, forgive myself for my perceived faults, and love myself and others unconditionally. This is why I am here. This is my life's mission.




Self Knowledge Teachings from Nisargadatta's I AM THAT
The Self Realization Diagram with Key Terms PDF Book is an organized, comprehensive compilation of Nisargadatta Maharaj's teaching of Self Knowledge in I AM THAT. It illustrates his teaching in a clear context, is structured in parallel with the Self Knowledge Diagram, and employs the Key Terms used in I AM THAT. This is a brilliant teaching.
Self Knowledge Teachings from A Course in Miracles
The Notes on the Text of A Course in Miracles Condensed Version PDF book is the compilation of my notes on a series of lectures given by Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. entitled "Classes on the Text of A Course in Miracles." In this Condensed Version I have removed the quotes from the Text, and provided only my notes based on Wapnick's brilliant commentaries in his lectures. The original Full Version is here - Notes on A Course in Miracles - Full Version . A Course in Miracles could be titled "A Course in Self Knowledge" as the miracle is a radical shift in identity. This, too, is a brilliant teaching.
This Diagram illustrates a comprehensive and complete teaching of Self Knowledge:
Self Knowledge Diagram - Printable PDF


Print the Self Knowledge Diagram: Printable PDF 1 page 

Self Knowledge Teachings

PDF Books & Diagrams Used in the Meetings

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Notes on A Course in Miracles

Formatted for easy Online Reading:

Self Realization Diagram with Key Terms  PDF 190 pgs

Full Version

Formatted for easy Online Reading:

Notes on ACIM Full Version PDF 350 pgs

Formatted for easy Printing and Reading:

Self Realization Diagram with Key Terms PDF 138 pgs

Full Version

Formatted for easy Printing and Reading:

Notes on ACIM Full Version PDF 290 pgs

Self Realization Diagram - I AM THAT PDF 1 page

Condensed Version

Notes on ACIM Condensed Version PDF 105 pgs


Nisargadatta - The Supreme Reality
Nisargadatta - Introduction to Self Knowledge
John Wheeler

Randall Friend
Mike Graham
Klavs Nielsen
Jaime Durand
Cartoon Wisdom
Gilbert Schultz
Mary McGovern
Bob Olson - Video - NDE - OBE - Afterlife
An Ending? A Beginning? A Continuing? Questioning Death
Pim van Lommel, MD Video - 55min - NDE - Consciousness
Tom Campbell
 Video - Big Theory of Everything

Joe Dispenza - Video - From Thinking to Doing to Being
William Buhlman - Video - Adventures in the Afterlife
Jurgen Ziewe - Video - Multidimensional Man

What is ACIM? - A Summary
Kenneth Wapnick - ACIM
"Sailor" Bob Adamson
Eckhart Tolle - Videos

Joel Goldsmith
Leo Hartong

Joe W
Annette Nibley
Roger Ingraham
Wally D
Manly P. Hall - My Philosophy of Life
- PDF 5 pages
James Schwartz - What is Enlightenment?
Anita Moorjani - Video - NDE -Conscious TV
Theresa Caputo - Video - Long Island Medium TV Series
Eben Alexander. MD -Video - NDE  -Interview with Bob Olson
Graham Nicholls -Video - Out of Body Consciousness
Reincarnation -Videos -
Dr Jim Tucker

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