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One Life One Heart One Love
The Non-Dual World of Advaita, Zen, Dzogchen & Mahamudra

Cinema One
Issue #9
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IF YOU BELIEVE you are suffering and you are going to get enlightened, and then embody the enlightenment, there is an imaginary story playing in your head. Do you see this?

But when you see there is just consciousness, the whole story falls apart. There is no one to get enlightened, and there was never anyone suffering. It was happening in the story, as a story. So this is why many say, “No one gets enlightened.” And also, at the same time, you see there was never anyone suffering. It all gets thrown away. All there is, is consciousness and the stories that are playing in your head—stories of a suffering person, stories of an enlightened person, or stories of an awakened person who must embody his awakening. They are all stories and none of them are true. The only truth is “I Am,” this consciousness is, and you're done. There is nothing else. There are no levels of attainment. No levels of embodiment. There is no one to embody anything. That is all conceptual nonsense. Believing in that conceptual nonsense is delusional and creates more suffering for yourself! Get out of your head, drop all the concepts and you are free—as you are—right now. Try it!


Writing from: Dogs, Cats & Dreams of Spiritual Awakening
—Stephen Wingate
Art: Unknown

One to One

What Do I Do Now?

Q: I’ve been reading lots of Advaita and recently realized that I have been chasing enlightenment like it’s a thing, an attainment. That’s ridiculous.

A: Of course it is.

Q: I know, but thoughts keep coming up that “I don’t want to waste my life. I want to realize whatever is possible to realize.” I know one cannot make enlightenment happen.

A: You see, enlightenment or liberation and all the rest of it is something fabricated by the mind. These are labels, concepts.

Q: Exactly, but what do I do now?

A: You don’t do anything. You never have done anything as a separate entity! But doing happens. It’s the same as when the sperm and ovum came together. Where were you then?

Q: I understand that. But what do I do?

A: Just let life unfold, just the same as your life has been lived so far. You must realize that the mind, which is the “I” that you take yourself to be, has never done a thing. It hasn’t got any power to do anything.

Q: Okay. Well, I know that chasing liberation like it’s a thing is absurd, but every day thoughts keep coming up that “I want to get rid of this ‘me’ identity.”

A: If you look closely, you’ll see that this ‘me’ identity has no power or independent nature. Could you have that idea of a “me” if you weren’t conscious or aware?

Q: So, you’re saying it’s fine to have the “me” identity?

A: Yes. It’s going to appear, but now you know the falseness of it.

Q: Okay. As my life is being lived, it’s just as well if I have no thoughts about gaining enlightenment?

A: Well, have a look at this: enlightenment implies something that you haven’t already got. And that’s taking you away from presence, taking you away from omnipresence, which is all there is, into an anticipated and imagined future that doesn’t exist. So, you’ve put yourself into a trap.

Q: It’s really a strong habit. Often, when I find myself not chasing enlightenment or feeling I’m not thinking about it enough, I actually feel guilty.

A: You have always been and you always will be. What you’re seeking, you already are. Start from that. You don’t have to try to do anything; you only have to scrape away the rubbish that is stopping you from seeing it. It’s as simple as that. It’s so simple that we miss it.

Q: What about all these teachers who say you must do meditation and yoga and all the techniques? What’s that all about? Is it useful?

A: For some people, it might help to slow down the mind a bit; it might thin the clouds out a little bit so they can see the sun shining in its fullness. For some people, meditation and other techniques just happen. But if you can see the directness of this teaching, all these things are unnecessary. There is no need to go anywhere or do anything. Presence awareness is what you are. Just relax into presence awareness.


Dialogue: 'Sailor' Bob Adamson
From the book:  Living Reality —by James Braha
Art: Images to link to source

Beautiful Words


For the yogi who has found peace, there is no distraction or one-pointedness, no higher knowledge or ignorance, no pleasure and no pain.

The dominion of heaven or beggary, gain or loss, life among men or in the forest, these make no difference to a yogi whose nature it is to be free from distinctions.

There are no religious obligations, wealth, sensuality, or discrimination for a yogi free from such opposites as "I have done this," and "I have not done that."

There is nothing needing to be done or any attachment in his heart for the yogi liberated while still alive. Things will last just to the end of life.

There is no delusion, world, meditation on That, or liberation for the pacified great soul. All these things are just the realm of imagination.

He by whom all this is seen may well make out it doesn't exist, but what is the desireless one to do? Even in seeing it he does not see it.

He by whom the Supreme Brahma is seen may think "I am Brahma," but what is he to think who is without thought, and who sees no duality?

He by whom inner distraction is seen may put an end to it, but the noble one is not distracted. When there is nothing to achieve what is he to do?

The wise man, unlike the worldly man, does not see inner stillness, distraction, or fault in himself, even when living like a worldly man.

Nothing is done by him who is free from being and non-being, who is contented, desireless, and wise, even if in the world's eyes he does act.

The wise man who just goes on doing what presents itself for him to do, encounters no difficulty in either activity or inactivity.

He who is desireless, self-reliant, independent, and free of bonds functions like a dead leaf blown about by the wind of causality.

There is neither joy nor sorrow for one who has transcended samsara. With a peaceful mind he lives as if without a body.

He whose joy is in himself, and who is peaceful and pure within has no desire for renunciation or sense of loss in anything.

He who acts without being able to say why, but is not thereby a fool, he is one liberated while still alive, happy and blessed. He is happy even in samsara.

He who is beyond mental stillness and distraction does not desire either liberation or its opposite. Recognizing that things are just constructions of the imagination, that great soul lives as God here and now.


From Ashtavakra Gita


Sights & Sounds

"What Will You Do with Enlightenment?"
U.G. Krishnamurti
4:04 min


Funny One

An Encounter in the Tibetan Mountains

Cartoon © Copyright: Chris Madden


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